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6 great reasons to buddy up for exercise

Exercising can sometimes feel like a drag. However, there is an easy solution to help you have fun, work out harder, and stay motivated: Find an exercise buddy! Here are some of the benefits of working out with a partner.

  1. Accountability and support. If you have a commitment to meet someone at a specific time and place to exercise, you’ll have an easier time following through! At the same time, your buddy can also support your fitness goals.
  2. Motivation. By your workout partner supporting your goals and providing you with accountability, you may find yourself feeling more motivated and excited to exercise.
  3. Friendly competition helps you work out harder. Exercising with a buddy may produce a little friendly competition to help push you to challenge yourself during exercise. Just be sure to exercise within your physical limitations–exercising too hard is counterproductive and can cause accidents or injuries.
  4. Makes exercise fun. Having someone to socialize with can help your workout go by faster and seem easier since you’ll probably be focusing on your conversation.
  5. Keeps you safe. Some exercises require you to exercise with a buddy like certain lifting exercises, but even those that don’t such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc. are made safer with a companion.
  6. Boosts your confidence. You’ll have your own personal cheerleader celebrating your accomplishments and encouraging you through slip-ups and setbacks.

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