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Tips and recipes for a healthier Easter

This coming Sunday is Easter, a holiday where many families enjoy a traditional meal together. But if you’re trying to eat healthy or watch your weight, traditional Easter foods might not be the right choice for you—and neither is sitting on the couch before and after the meal.

If you are hosting an Easter meal, or are simply responsible for bringing a dish or two to a meal that someone else is hosting, consider making one or several of these healthier ideas! Plus, keep reading for fun ways to get up and moving so that you and your family can stay active during the holiday.

Appetizers and Side Dishes

Asparagus-Stuffed Eggs: These eggs make a great appetizer and feature seasonal spring veggie asparagus!

Balsamic Glazed Carrots: This simple side dish features the Easter Bunny’s favorite root vegetable!

Main Dishes

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole: This filling main dish is perfect for your Easter brunch!

Fire and Spice Ham: This ham gets extra flavor from red pepper jelly and cloves.

Desserts and Healthier Easter Candies

Homemade Honey Marshmallow Chicks: This healthier twist on a favorite Easter candy requires very few ingredients and is simple to make.

5-Minute Single Serving Carrot Cake: This cake is easy to prepare and fun to eat! It’s perfect if you’re having a small gathering—make one for each person!

Healthier Crème Eggs: These copycat eggs are really easy to make. And you can fill them with ice cream, too!

Fun ways to stay active on Easter

This Easter, consider keeping everyone moving before and after the holiday meal with some fun activities to keep them off the couch and enjoying the day together.

  • Put on a playlist and get cleaning. Putting on some music and asking everyone to help with cleaning up after the meal can instantly change the mood in the room. Assigning everyone a task, like clearing plates, taking out the garbage, loading the dishwasher, or putting away leftovers, all while dancing around the house, can be a good way to get everyone moving.
  • Play an outdoor game. Encourage everyone to go outside and play Frisbee, tag, kickball, or any other fun games that keep them moving.
  • Plan a spring scavenger hunt. Planning a scavenger hunt around your yard or neighborhood can be a fun way to get your family moving. Consider asking your guests to find and take pictures of things like new leaves on a tree, spring flowers, birds like robins or goldfinches, or critters like squirrels or bunnies.
  • Take a post-meal walk. Go walking with the family after the meal. It gets you out of the house and helps you burn calories, too.
  • Play inside, too. Instead of parking in front of the TV, invite family members to play a fun, interactive game that gets them on their feet, like charades, Heads Up!, or Pictionary.
  • Get crafty and creative. Make something that lasts! Buy or bring some supplies to decorate plant pots, make beaded jewelry, create thank-you notecards, or any other creative activity. Or, dye some Easter eggs—hard-boiled eggs make a healthy, portable, and protein-packed snack.

There are so many fun ways to stay healthy and active on Easter! From all of us at Health Advocate, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday with your family.