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Ways to mix up your workout

You did it—you began exercising! You started a fitness routine and you’re sticking with it. Now how do you maintain your progress? After starting an exercise routine, it is common to feel not as motivated or excited about it, especially as you start meeting your fitness goals. If you’re struggling to get it back and are looking for ways to feel that same enthusiasm, one of the best ways is to begin mixing it up! Changing your workout and incorporating different kinds of physical activities can help you keep your passion for exercise. These tips can help!

Alternate activities. Avoid doing the same type of exercise each time you work out. For example, if you’re a die-hard cardio fan who power-walks five days a week, maybe swap two days with some easy resistance training exercises like push-ups, squats, crunches, planks, etc.

Vary your exercise schedule. If you’re exercising the same days and times each week, the same type of exercise each time, after a while it may get too repetitive and boring. Add some variety by taking a yoga class one day a week, going to the gym with a friend every other week–anything to keep you from feeling that your exercise is too repetitive.

Pick some nontraditional activities. Exercise isn’t limited to the gym, walking/jogging, classes and videos. You can get a great workout hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rollerblading, ice skating, gardening, dancing, and more!

Take up a sport. Similarly, joining a community sport league, such as softball, rugby, soccer, and more can be a fun way to add some physical activity that won’t feel like exercise.

Try something new. Motivation may wane if you’ve been doing the same workout for a while. Now’s the time to switch it up—for example, if you’ve been jogging the same route, pick a new one. Switch from the treadmill to the elliptical, take a new fitness class…the possibilities are endless!

Always set goals. Even if you met your goal (for example, losing 5 pounds, exercising for 30 minutes a day, etc.) it is important to update your goals to help maintain your drive to exercise.

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