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Ways to bring spring into your cubicle

Now that the weather is nicer, you may be longingly looking out your office’s window. While you may not have as many opportunities as you’d like to pop outside, you can bring spring into your office to help hold you over until the end of your work day. Adding plants to your cube can help improve air quality, benefit your health, reduce stress and lift your mood. These tips can help you bring spring into your cubicle!

Add some fresh flowers. Buy an inexpensive vase or use an old glass or Mason jar to arrange some flowers on your desk. Choose colors and types that appeal to you for an added mood-booster. If you need some inspiration, check out these easy flower cups.

Bring in some live plants. Talk to an expert at your local home and garden center to find the best fit for you, but here are a few possibilities to get you started:

  • Spider plant – You don’t need a green thumb for this plant–it is very hardy. Plus, it’s excellent at pulling toxins from the air.
  • ZZ plant – This plant is great for the office, especially if you travel often or work from home some days. It doesn’t require much light, and can go a long time without water, but still maintain its appearance.
  • Peace Lily – This pretty flower is also among NASA’s top picks for clearing the air. It also doesn’t need a lot of light to grow well.
  • Jade plant – This hardy plant is easy to maintain and very resilient. Its unique leaves and thick branches give it the appearance of a small tree.
  • English Ivy – Low maintenance and another all-star at filtering out formaldehyde and other air pollutants. Popular as a houseplant but invasive outdoors, make sure to keep this one inside and note that its leaves can be poisonous if eaten.
  • Areca Palm – If you’re a fan of tropical places, this plant will bring a taste of vacation to your office. It’s low-maintenance and only needs to be repotted every 2-3 years.
  • Bromeliads – Another low-maintenance plant. This one has an opposite cycle from most plants, so it releases oxygen at night versus daytime–so not only is it a nice one to have around the office, but it’s also great for your bedroom at home.
  • Boston Fern – Although it requires a bit more attention and care than some of the others listed, it’s great at cleaning the air.

Change your wallpaper. Find an image of an outdoor scene, or use a favorite photo that you took, and set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Look for spring or outdoor-themed pictures to hang. Find or print nature pictures that you would enjoy looking at. Hang them up or frame them and place them on your desk.

Get some fun accessories. Look for things that are bright in color and/or feel reminiscent of the outdoors. For example, a teal stapler, Kelly green coffee mug, hot pink scissors, etc.

Don’t forget to get outside. While your desk may be feeling fresh after bringing some of the outdoors in, make sure you take a few minutes of your lunch or break time to get some fresh air. This can help you feel refreshed and ready to continue your work day.

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