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Tips to help you exercise during winter

As the weather gets colder, you might be finding it more difficult to work out outdoors. But fear not, you don’t have to give up your morning run in the park or your after-dinner walk around the neighborhood! Here are some great resources that can help keep you safe, warm, and motivated to keep exercising outdoors during winter.

Like exercising outdoors, but don’t enjoy the cold? Here’s how to stay warm. And here’s how to adjust your workout routine during the colder months.

Not sure what types of workouts to do during winter? Get ideas here.

Do you enjoy working out at night? If so, be sure to read these tips for exercising safely in the dark.

If you love playing winter sports, these tips can help you stay safe.

Exercise doesn’t always have to feel like exercise. Sneak in some physical activity with these fun, family-friendly ideas!

Whether you’re working out outside or just playing in the snow, you’ll want to make sure you know how to protect yourself from hypothermia and frostbite.

Are you traveling for the holidays? That doesn’t mean you have to let your workout routine fall by the wayside! Try these tips for exercising while traveling.

If you don’t want to brave the great (cold) outdoors and you head to the gym instead, ‘tis the season for colds and flu, and you might be touching a lot of germy surfaces like exercise machines and workout equipment. Washing your hands frequently can help you protect yourself from getting sick—here’s how to do it right. (And if you’ve never really gone to the gym before, but the cold weather has compelled you to start—check out these great tips for gym newbies!)

If you like the idea of fitting in some exercise when you’re at work, try these tips. (Bonus: If you don’t love the cold, it’s likely that exercising at work will keep you warmer than working out outside!)

If your days are packed full of errands and chores, here are some easy ways to turn those everyday activities into exercise.

And finally, if you want to stay indoors where it’s warm, there are plenty of exercises you can do inside! Take a look through our Workouts of the Week—nearly all of them can be done indoors!

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