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Wellness App Review: The Bump

Congratulations—you’re having a baby! It’s natural to have a lot of questions and want to learn about the little one growing inside of you, what to expect along the way, and how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. The Bump is a free app available for both Android and iOS that provides you with an easy way to access information throughout your pregnancy.

How it Works

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be asked to create an account and estimate your due date. You can change your due date at any time from your account settings. Once your account is created, you will automatically see the information for the corresponding week of your pregnancy. You can also swipe left or right to see the previous week’s information or take a sneak peek at what is ahead.

Each week, you can:

  • Learn your baby’s size and weight and see a fruit or vegetable representation of its size
  • Learn how your baby is growing
  • Find out about what symptoms you may experience
  • Access resources like videos as well as articles answering common pregnancy questions and providing helpful tips (themes range from maternity clothes, nursery room ideas and more)
  • Take a selfie to keep a record of your belly growing over time
  • Use the suggested “to-do” list calendar to stay on track with all that you need to do regarding your pregnancy

At the top of the app, there are more features, such as:

  • A community forum where you can connect with other moms-to-be
  • Guides with more information about other pregnancy-related topics
  • If you’re registering for baby gear, you can easily consolidate your registry in one place should you choose to register at multiple stores


  • This app provides you with a lot of information without being overwhelming.
  • The streamlined and easy design, vivid images, and fun fonts make the app feel welcoming and engaging.
  • It is fun to know how your baby is growing in comparison to a fruit or vegetable.


  • Sometimes the weekly information doesn’t feel substantial, especially compared to apps such as My Pregnancy Today.
  • The articles featuring other pregnant women’s feedback can feel dated or seasonal. For example, the portion about how to tell your family you’re pregnant was predominantly Easter themed, so they must have polled mothers-to-be right after.
  • There are ads that can be frustrating when trying to use the app.

Overall Consensus

This is a great app. It provides you with just enough information per week to help you understand where you are in your pregnancy without being overwhelming. However, if you’re someone who wants a lot of information you also have the option to access it through the app. You’ll learn a lot about your growing baby and your pregnancy experience through the app. Whether it’s your first or third child, you’ll find The Bump helpful and engaging.


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