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Fitting in fitness at home

Even during “normal” times, it can be a challenge to find time for exercise. However, you may find yourself in an even greater time crunch if you’re working from home, pulling extra shifts as an essential worker, balancing home schooling and childcare, cleaning and disinfecting, and overall just trying to maintain sanity and self-care. A busy schedule can derail even the most committed exerciser! These tips may help you fit in more fitness at home.

Create an itinerary. In consideration with everything else you may have going on while at home, write out a schedule to identify when you may have time to dedicate to exercise.

Wake up earlier. A morning workout is a great way to start your day. It can help you feel energized, refreshed and motivated to conquer the day.

Dress in your workout clothes. If you are able to wear your exercise clothes while at home, it is a good strategy for ensuring you work out. If not, lay out your workout gear in advance, keep your shoes accessible, have your equipment handy, etc.—anything that will make it easier to jump right into your workout when you’re done work.

Make the most of your extra morning time. Since you may no longer be getting dressed and ready for work or commuting, use some of that time to do a workout.

Use your lunch break wisely. Set aside a portion of your lunchtime to exercise.

Spend your “commute” home exercising. Designate the time you would normally spend commuting home from work to exercise.

Utilize your down time. Instead of scrolling through your social media feeds, spend a few minutes being active. For example, take a quick walk around your house, do some jumping jacks, or bodyweight moves such as our WOWs.

Be an active streamer. Find yourself watching movies and shows more than usual? Take the extra time to move. Pace, walk or jog in place, do some crunches—any activity that gets you off the couch!

Any exercise is better than none! Squeeze in activity where you can.

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