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How to stay active while working remotely

If you’re working remotely, you may be wondering how you can stay active at home. These tips and resources can help you find activities to keep moving throughout your work day!

Tips to help you fit fitness into your work-from-home day

Make the most of your “commute.” Use the time you used to spend commuting to do a workout. Not sure what exercises to do? Check out our Workouts of the Week for tons of ideas!

On a call? Pace the house or walk in place.

Set reminders to get up from your seat and stretch periodically.

Use your lunch break wisely. Set aside half your lunchtime to do some exercise.

Feeling stressed? Physical activity can help relieve stress. Click here to try this simple yoga sequence at your home workspace.

Take a walk outside, if possible. Even if it’s just walking in your backyard for a few minutes, every bit of activity counts.

After work, get active with family! Throw a dance party or even a chore party, where everyone helps out and gets moving.

Try something new and exciting! Why not try a new activity, like dance, yoga, barre, or cycling? Look online for classes or on-demand videos, or check into what resources might be available through your community.