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How to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the ongoing pandemic, it is natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed. In normal circumstances, helping others is a great way to channel those feelings, and it benefits all involved. Yet for those who are not working in healthcare or other essential fields, what options are there to help from home during this crisis? There are a number of things you can do today, many from the comfort of your couch, to help others through this challenging time. Here are a few ideas:

Donate. Understandably, many people are facing financial hardships at the moment. If you have the means, consider donating or making purchases that can benefit others.

  • Funds: Donating to organizations helping to feed others right now is especially important, like No Kid Hungry or Meals on Wheels. With people out of school and work at the moment, many could use extra help to feed their families.
  • Supplies: Do you have any extra masks or other types of personal protective equipment from past projects? If so, many hospitals are gratefully accepting donations at this time to help protect both their employees and patients through the epidemic. Check the website of your local hospital for details.
  • Support: Consider purchasing gift certificates from your favorite local businesses, like hair salons, boutiques or restaurants. This will help them stay afloat during the shutdown while you can enjoy their services later on.
  • Blood: Due to the ongoing pandemic, not only have many blood drives been cancelled, but the pool of potential donors has decreased. However, the need is just as great as ever. The American Red Cross is taking every precaution necessary to protect donors and staff. For more information, including how to give, visit their website here.

Connect. Being at home for an extended period can feel isolating for many people, especially if they are on their own without family or roommates. Use this time to reach out to friends and family, especially those who may be especially impacted by this, and set up time for a phone call or video chat. It can make a world of difference to them and help both of you feel less alone during an uncertain and sometimes scary time.

Show gratitude. Even while home, you can offer support and appreciation to those out there keeping us safe and healthy. If you live near a hospital, put up signs on your windows or in your yard expressing your thanks. Put a thank-you note out for those delivering mail, packages or food to your home. These people continue to be out and about every day, putting themselves at risk to support us, so it’s important to support them and make sure they know we are grateful.

Stay home. This is the simplest, yet most important thing most of us can do right now. It may be boring at times, and you may be itching to go out and see friends or family, but the only way to slow the progression of the pandemic is for everyone to remain isolated as directed by experts and authorities. Following these guidelines and rules will help the healthcare providers be able to do their job and keep more people healthy.

By everyone coming together to do their part, even if we’re all separated at the moment, we can make a difference during this difficult time. Stay well.