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Get outside this weekend!

This Saturday, June 9, is Family Health and Fitness Day. This special day is celebrated annually to promote the important role parks and other green spaces, recreation centers and public playgrounds play in the health of families and communities. Physical activity is the primary benefit to getting out and taking advantage of these places, but there are many other benefits. Spending time outside can boost your mood and help you connect with others.

While you may be aware of some places in your community to spend time outdoors, here are some resources that may help you discover new places, especially if you’re traveling!

  • Find parks in your area with help from the National Park Service here and
  • Locate playgrounds in your community by downloading this free app.
  • Search for great spots to hike, walk, kayak, canoe, cycle and more with the Yonder app.

Keep these tips in mind while enjoying green spaces!

  • Always be prepared! Remember to pack your first aid kit on your outdoor adventures. Click here for a list of essential inventory.
  • Stay safe in the sun. Click here for information about protecting your body’s largest organ—your skin!
  • Don’t forget your eyes need protection, too. Learn more here.
  • Stay cool and hydrated in the warm weather with the help of these tips.
  • Prevent bug bites while on your adventures. Click here to learn how.
  • Watch out for poisonous plants such as poison ivy, oak and sumac. Learn how to identify these plants here and what to do if you’re affected by them here.

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