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Member story: Helping Cindy manage her father’s care

Every day, Health Advocate helps people across the country improve their health, reduce their healthcare costs, meet health and wellness goals, and so much more. Here’s the story of one member, Cindy, and how Health Advocate helped her handle her father’s complicated medical needs.

The problem:

Cindy’s father was injured in a fall. When her father returned home from the hospital, he demonstrated cognitive and physical issues that she could not manage.

How Health Advocate helped:

Cindy called her Personal Health Advocate for help. Her Personal Health Advocate:

  • Told Cindy to take her father to his doctor for evaluation, after which he was admitted to the hospital for more treatment.
  • Spoke with Cindy about her father’s medical coverage, costs, and resources like Veterans Affairs, and helped her find him placement in a nursing facility.
  • Upon his release from the hospital, Cindy also worked with her Advocate to discuss discharge planning.

For Health Advocate members

If you are a Health Advocate member with access to our Health Advocacy service, please give us a call or log on to your member website to access personalized help with a wide range of healthcare- and insurance-related issues, including eldercare issues.