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Member story: Putting wellness to work for Ellen

Every day, Health Advocate helps people across the country improve their health, reduce their healthcare costs, meet health and wellness goals, and so much more. Here’s the story of one member, Ellen, and how Health Advocate’s wellness program helped her lower her blood pressure and cholesterol.

The problem:

Ellen’s doctor told her that her blood pressure and cholesterol were too high and that she needed to reduce them to avoid serious health problems.

How Health Advocate helped:

Ellen called her Health Advocate Wellness Coach for help. Ellen’s Coach helped her:

  • Change her diet using easy-to-make, low-fat recipes
  • Figure out an exercise plan, and Ellen then enrolled in a spinning class
  • Learn and implement healthy ways to reduce stress

As a result of these healthy lifestyle changes, Ellen reduced her cholesterol by 60 points and lost 12 pounds

For Health Advocate members

If you are a Health Advocate member with access to our wellness program, please give us a call or log on to your member website to access personalized help achieving a variety of health and well-being goals.