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Become more efficient in everyday activities

Weight loss isn’t the only reason to exercise! How would you like to carry groceries with ease? Chase after your kids without feeling weak? Or make it up your stairs without losing your breath? If so, you’ll want to start functional fitness training! This type of exercise emphasizes body movements that are similar to everyday activities to help gain strength. This can help you not only maintain and improve your quality of life, but also go about your daily activities more easily and efficiently.

Check out these examples below. Click on those that you want to learn how to do!

Lunges, more specifically walking lunges

Concentration curls


One-arm dumbbell rows

Forward linear jumps

Static runner


Mason twists

Single arm snatches

Step ups

Upright row

If you’re looking for more structure and an actual workout routine, these types of exercises also count as functional fitness training:


Tai chi



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