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Work together to reach your New Year’s health goals

If you are among the many, many people who made a New Year’s resolution to move more, eat better or take other steps to improve your health, you are far from alone. But it can be tough to get and stay motivated if you are doing it on your own. Research shows buddying up can keep you accountable and make working toward your goals more fun, helping to ensure you stick with it past January. And since you spend quite a bit of time with your co-workers, why not work together to achieve your healthy resolutions? Here are a few ideas to share with your colleagues to kick-start a healthy New Year together!

  • Plan a (friendly) competition. Nothing motivates quite like competition, so why not set up a fun game to get everyone involved? Prizes (or pride!) can be awarded for most steps walked, percentage of body weight lost, minutes exercised or highest number of fruit and veggie servings consumed in a week, among many other ideas.
  • Use technology. Competitions may be easier with technology like fitness devices (Fitbits, etc.), pedometers or online programs that help set up competitions and other fun ideas to try together.
  • Move your meetings. Instead of sitting in a board room or office, take a walk during meetings to sneak in some extra steps and help generate new ideas!
  • Plan exercise breaks. Head outside or to the gym together during lunch or after work to stay motivated. You’re more likely to stick with it if someone is waiting for you!
  • Use your wellness program. Many companies offer wellness programs to employees – check out what resources you may have available that can help you and your co-workers take your challenge to the next level.
  • Work toward a goal. Is there a 5k or walk for charity coming up in your area? Train together toward a common goal, and ask your company if they will help sponsor your team to up the ante even more.
  • Share lunch. Whether you choose to go out together to a healthy spot or plan a nutritious potluck, enjoying a wholesome lunch as a group can help you avoid fast food or vending machine fare.

Working together with your colleagues can give all of you the extra boost you might need to keep working toward your New Year’s resolution throughout the year.

For Health Advocate Members

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