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How technology can help you stay healthy

While many people use technology for entertainment purposes (funny cat videos, anyone?), it’s important to remember that it can also be used to help people improve or maintain their health. Read on to learn more about how you can put technology to work for you in healthy ways!

Activity trackers. There are so many activity trackers available, with varying features and at various price points. Depending on the activity tracker you select, it could help you track your physical activity, calories and food eaten, the amount of water you drink, your weight and/or weight loss progress, and more! These trackers can help you understand how you’re currently doing with your health goals, highlight areas for improvement, and keep you motivated along the way.

Social media. Social media can play a role in keeping you healthy, too! Posting about your health goals on social media can help keep you accountable and allow your friends to cheer you on. Not only that, there are so many social media sites you can use to find credible health information. Here are just a few:

Facebook: Visit the Facebook pages of The American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic, and, of course, Health Advocate

Twitter: Follow The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Cleveland Clinic, Fruits and Veggies–More Matters, and Health Advocate

Pinterest: Check out a wide variety of health- and wellness-inspired boards on Pinterest from Greatist, MyPlate Recipes, SHAPE magazine, WebMD, and Health Advocate!

Blogs. There are lots of great health and wellness blogs out there on the interwebs. Besides the Health Advocate blog (thanks for reading, by the way!), you can also get great health information from these trusted blogs: Harvard Health Publications,, and the Health Essentials blog by Cleveland Clinic

Health and wellness apps. There are so many apps out there–and we’ve been busy reviewing them for you. Here is a list of some of our favorite app reviews, by category:

Fitness: Gain Yoga, Tep, 7 Minute Workout, TempoRun, Fitocracy, Sworkit

Nutrition: Farmstand, HealthyOut, GroceryIQ, Healthy Eating in a Hurry, and learn about a wide variety of calorie-tracking apps here

Weight loss: DietBet, LoseIt!

Wellness: GPS for the Soul, Smoke Free, Plant Nanny, Happy Goals, SleepBot, AchieveMint

Check out all of Health Advocate’s app reviews by clicking here.

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