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How do you exercise during the colder months?

As part of Health Advocate’s Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign, many of our members are aiming to maintain healthy habits–like maintaining weight, eating right, exercising, and reducing stress–leading up to, and lasting throughout, the holidays.

We asked some of our members who are participating in the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign about their favorite ways to exercise when the weather is colder. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“Plank! A co-worker and I plank every morning. The longest I have been able to hold a plank is 3 ½ minutes. We do it early before 8 and then start our work day. It gives us energy and it is something we can do inside.” –Denise

“I love to walk outside with friends and my dog in the winter months–we just bundle up. On sunny winter day,s my co-workers and I walk during lunch to get some vitamin D. All of this walking gets me out of the house and helps with the winter blues, too!” –Terry

“I have an elliptical and several DVDs with different types of exercise routines that I use year-round. Plus, I try to get out for short walks as often as possible.” –Pam

“Running outside.  It’s great to get some fresh air when the house is all closed up for winter.” –Angie

“I pop in a workout video at home!  And I take the stairs wherever I can.” –Leticia

“Hiking in the woods.” –Andrew

“My favorite way to exercise in colder weather is to bundle up and jog!” –Jose

“Even in the cold weather I walk 2 to 4 miles each day.  Wearing layers is key to continuing my walking schedule in cold weather.  If it is raining/snowing, I walk on the treadmill.” –Laurie

“I take a Hot Yoga class.” –Barb

“I like to walk on nature trails during the fall and winter months.  The brisk, cool air feels clean and refreshing, and I get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.” –Dawn

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For Health Advocate members with access to our Wellness Program:

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