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Track your daily water intake with the Waterlogged app

Drinking water is critical for your body to function at its best. Are you drinking enough water every day? The general recommendation is to consume eight, 8 oz. glasses of water each day, but your goal might differ based on your age and activity level. You should check with your doctor for the specific amount that is right for you. The Waterlogged app can help you stay on track to meet your water consumption goals.

How it works:

Waterlogged is free to download and is compatible with iOS devices. The app allows you to effortlessly log your water intake on a daily basis. To log your water consumption, click to launch the app, tap the image of the water bottle, and then select a glass size. The default glass size is a standard 8 oz. glass or a 16.9 oz. water bottle. If you have a special water bottle that you carry with you, you can create a customized glass in the app by indicating its volume and taking and saving a photo of it. Once you select your glass size, you can specify if you had ¼, ½, ¾, or the full glass of water. As you drink water throughout the day, the water bottle image on your Waterlogged homepage begins to fill; once it has filled up, you have reached your goal for the day. The default goal for water consumption is 64 oz., but you can change your goal at any time.

The app includes a chart/map that shows your water consumption history, including where you drank the water. You can also connect with friends and see what other people are logging nearby. With the free version of the app, you can get a reminder to drink water once per day; however, by upgrading to a premium version ($0.99), you can receive additional reminders.

Pros: Reminders can be set at your preferred day and time to alert you to reach your goal. Waterlogged is integrated with Fitbit, so your daily water consumption populates your Fitbit dashboard.

Cons: The free version of this app only allows one reminder throughout the day.

Overall consensus: Waterlogged provides motivation to keep yourself hydrated so that your body can function properly. Using the app can help you create a healthy mindset throughout the day and reinforce drinking more water as a lifestyle change.

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