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Ask A Health Advocate: Which of my errands can I amend to include a mini workout?

Looking to find additional ways to fit exercise into your day?  You can incorporate more physical activity with nearly every errand. I asked our members to share how they turn everyday errands into an opportunity for a quick workout. Here are a few of my favorite responses:

Prior to grocery shopping I will take a few laps around the store.  – Mike

Whenever I need to talk with someone at work I take the long way around or “lap” the office before I visit their desk. – Martha

I’m going to try lunges at work when I walk to the printer. – Lee

Toe raises, calf stretches, balance on one foot, mini squats while waiting in any line.  Shoulder and neck stretches at stop lights. – Jolyn

While weeding and gardening, do lunge sets with light weights along the sidewalk.
– Sara

I will do squats while picking things up. – Rini

Doing balance exercises while waiting in line for the bus; space permitting, I can do leg lifts while riding the bus; and last, but not least, I can stand more often when working at my desk. – Carol

Laundry – incorporate squats when loading and unloading the washing machine and dryer. – Patricia

I park .25 miles away from work so that I get some cardio training while walking to and from the car. – Nancy

During lunch I use the stairs to go up and down to get exercise and an energy lift. – Sharon

I’ll do squats when I brush my teeth at night and in the morning. – Carol

By parking in the furthest spot from the store entrancewhile shopping. This way you get an extra walk in, in both directions. – Tracie

I always try to use a basket when grocery shopping instead of a cart. It’s a good arm mini-exercise and helps me limit buying too much!  – Emily

No matter how busy you are, there is always a way to fit in a little exercise! How you will incorporate exercise with one of your errands? If you’re a Health Advocate member with access to the Wellness Coaching program, reach out to your Wellness Coach for more ideas!

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