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Mindset swaps for better well-being

Starting the new year with fresh resolutions to improve your well-being can feel invigorating! But if you get derailed, it’s easy to be sidelined with self-doubt. Try these suggestions to alter your mindset, helping you stay on track to attain more positive well-being.

Stop viewing challenges as roadblocks—instead, see them as opportunities to grow. Rather than operating from a “fixed” or rigid mindset believing you’re simply not able to change things, adopt a “growth” mindset. Identify what didn’t work and see slip-ups as learning experiences to do better next time.

Adjust your inner self-talk from “I can’t” or “I won’t” to “I can” and “I will.” Choosing positive self-talk helps stoke self-confidence and your chances of achieving what you set out to do. Instead of saying “I can’t make good presentations,” tell yourself, “I will prepare better and make more effective presentations.”

Switch from settling for “what is” and focus on “what could be.” Explore your choices and work-arounds for any obstacles. If the gym is too pricey to keep to regular workouts, join a local walking/hiking group to build stamina.

Change from dwelling on your mistakes to focusing on your successes. Recall what went right when you faced small or large challenges in the past.

View your body’s stress signals as motivation. For instance, think of your racing mind and pounding heart when facing a job change as a challenge to take steps to ensure success.

Open up to critical feedback as a call to action vs. getting defensive. For example, if friends remark about your competitiveness during interactions learn basic listening skills for more rewarding relationships.

Remember, you can change your thinking to move toward better well-being! If you are feeling stuck and stagnant, talk to a qualified counselor for support and coping tips.