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Plan a staycation!

While COVID-19 has canceled many summer activities, pastimes and vacations, there are many fun and enjoyable activities you can do at home while on a “staycation.” Staycations can be a relaxing and wallet-friendly way to unwind and enjoy your home life in a different way. Try these tips to help you plan the perfect staycation.

Designate the time. Similar to how you would allot time for traveling, block off a weekend, long weekend or even a week for your staycation. Request off from work; inform family members, friends and neighbors that you’ll be “on vacation,” just as you would if you were traveling to a different locale.

Do your chores ahead of time. Set up automatic payments for bills and take care of any other responsibilities that you would normally attend to before vacation. This way you can solely focus on the staycation even through you’re at home.

Create an itinerary. Decide how you would like to spend your time to make the most of the rest of your summer. Maybe there is a local park you’ve wanted to explore, a book you want to read, or a new movie or show you’ve been anxious to stream. Whatever you choose, make sure it is fun, makes you happy, and is something outside of your day-to-day routine.

Consider adding some of these activities to your itinerary!

Enjoy a spa day. Grab your robe, scented candles and relax at home in your tub or comfortable lounge chair!

Make A DIY fort for the whole family. Gather pillows, blankets and maybe even some small string lights to hang in your fort.

Try an online cooking class. Gather new or existing ingredients and put together a tasty dish. Click below for many options!

Plan a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, or make brownies, and get settled in for the night in your PJs. Pick a theme and choose movies that fit the theme.

Schedule a game night. Dig out the board games, teach yourself a new card game, or put together a puzzle. Or, play online trivia with friends or family virtually. Have fun!

Take a virtual trip from the comfort of your living room. Virtual tours offer a new way to see the world—and you don’t even need a passport! Here are some great destinations to choose from:

Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy the rest of your summer!