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Easy ways to fit fitness in during lunch

Whether you’re looking to start a new exercise routine or trying to keep your current one consistent, it can be hard to stay motivated and find time when working around your day-to-day schedule. Using your lunch or breaks at work can be a great way to fit fitness into your day. Try these tips!

  • Stash sneakers in your desk and car. Be ready to exercise wherever you are.
  • Stay in motion. Pace, march in place, or stand up when you’re eating.
  • Walk around your office building. Dedicate a portion of your lunch to take a stroll outside, weather permitting. If you’re unable to get outside, take a couple laps around the inside of your building or walk up and down the stairs.
  • Visit a local park. If there is a park, walking trail or other outdoor recreation facility nearby, go there for a quick jog or walk. You’ll get the brain-boosting benefit of being in nature, too!
  • Similarly, organize a pick-up game of basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer, etc. with some of your coworkers, if you have access to the appropriate courts or fields.
  • Join and use a gym close to your office. This cuts down on drive/travel time, and you could also stop in before or after work, too!
  • Run some errands…literally! Do some of your errands on your lunch with an increased pace. You could also:
    • Power-walk through the stores
    • Park in a far-away spot and jog from your parking spot to the store
    • Take a lap around the store before shopping
    • Walk to the store rather than drive (if you’re able and if it’s safe to do so)
  • Take advantage of work resources. Organizations often encourage their employees to take care of themselves by providing access to a number of resources, some of which can be utilized on your lunch or breaks, including:
    • On-site fitness centers – Many larger employers, as well as some smaller groups, have convenient, on-site facilities at the workplace with workout equipment, fitness classes and more so employees can fit in a workout before or after work or during lunch.
    • Walking trails – Similar to the on-site fitness centers, having paths around the building offers the opportunity for fresh air, exposure to nature, and exercise during the workday, helping to both refocus your mind and stay active. These paths also provide a great opportunity for “walking meetings” with colleagues.
    • Sports teams – If you like to get out on the field, you can take advantage of company-sponsored teams playing anything from softball to kickball to volleyball. These activities provide a chance to get to know your colleagues outside of the office while fitting in exercise as well.

Many organizations offer a variety of these and other benefits to help you reach your wellness goals. Review your benefits paperwork or contact your HR department to confirm exactly what resources may be available to you.

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Remember, always talk to your doctor before you begin any new exercise!