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App review: FIT Radio

With so much music out there it can be a challenge to find options you enjoy working out to. Over time, some of your go-to music might become stale or boring while working out. Plus, depending on your type of workout it can even be more difficult to find music to keep you pumped and motivated. If you’re looking for variety, high-energy music in a variety of genres, with customizable features, then you may be interested in FIT Radio. The FIT Radio app makes it easy to find the perfect music for your workout. This app is available free for the first 7 days for both Android and iOS. You can also opt to subscribe monthly for $3.99; yearly for $27.99; or a lifetime subscription for $79.99 should you find it to be beneficial.

How it works

Upon downloading, a mini slide show appears providing you with information about the app. You can skip if it you’d like or hit “next” until you reach the end. Once that is complete, you’ll need to create an account. You can do so through existing social media or email accounts, or sign up directly through the app. Signing up through the app only requires your name, email address and creating a password.

After you’re signed up you’ll have access to a plethora of music. You can search by genre or workout type. Genres include mainstream, electronic, rock and classics. Workouts include running, CrossFit, cardio, Zumba, tabata, kickboxing, lifting, yoga, and more! Within each category you can select music based on beats per minute or simply select “varied” for a mix. When you find something you like you’re able to save it to your favorites for easy access.


  • Not a fan of music with explicit lyrics? You can turn it off in your settings!
  • Selecting your workout based on beats per minute allows you to use music as a guide to your exercise intensity level.
  • You’ll never get bored with the amount of music available through the app.


  • It would be nice if the free trial period was a little longer to fully explore the app.
  • The app seems to run slow at times.

Overall consensus

If you’re struggling to find good music to work out to or are just plain bored with your current go-to options, you may enjoy this app. No matter your workout type, intensity level, music taste and lyrical preferences, this app has something for everyone!