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Maximize your evenings for an easier tomorrow

If your mornings tend to be a rushed scramble to get pulled together and out of the house on time, you are far from alone. This chaotic start can set a stressed and negative tone for the rest of your day, especially if you’re not a morning person to begin with. However, taking some extra time in the evenings to prepare for the next day can have a huge impact on your morning routine and set you up for a more relaxed day ahead. Here are a few tips to try out tonight:

Pack your lunch. Instead of throwing together whatever you can grab on your way out the door, save time by packing your lunch the night before so you can grab and go in the morning. Whether it’s leftovers, sandwiches, salads or a can of soup, thinking ahead increases the chances you’ll have time to make a nutritious meal instead of picking up fast food. Consider getting your kids involved to pack their lunches in advance, too!

Prep your breakfast. Along the same lines as above, having your breakfast items in order the night before can streamline your morning routine. Hard boil some eggs, cut up some fruit, make overnight oatmeal, put out your cereal bowl and spoon, and/or have the coffee set to auto-brew.

Pick out your clothes. This may feel silly at first, but laying out your clothes the night before can save you a major headache in the morning. Think of all the time you typically spend rooting through your closet to find something that you feel good in each day. Having your outfit ready to go will make your morning that much easier, and you’ll feel more confident walking out the door. Like the first tip, encourage your kids to do this each night as well.

Place bags by the door. You may not be able to have all your things together in advance, but as much as possible, try having the items you need to take in the morning sitting by the door to ensure nothing gets missed (saving you the frantic run back to the house after you’ve already pulled out of the driveway). Think about what the kids need for school, if you’re running any errands while out, if you plan to hit the gym during the day, etc.

Incorporating these small steps into your evenings can give you the gift of extra time the next morning. Use those minutes to exercise or meditate, get some extra sleep, enjoy time with family or just start your day on a calmer note. Have a great day!