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Exercise for stronger bones

Did you know that exercise is a vital part of maintaining the strength of your bones? Similar to muscle, bones are living tissue that can benefit from and become stronger through exercise. While any type of exercise is beneficial to your overall health, to build stronger bones you may want to consider adding weight-bearing or resistance exercises to your routine. Here are some examples of good bone building exercises.

Please note: If you have compromised bone strength; a previous fracture, break or other injury; or conditions like osteoporosis or other health problems, it is important to talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercises.

Walking, jogging, stair climbing and hiking – Even though these are commonly considered to be cardio exercises, they provide a lot of resistance, especially for your lower body.

Strength training – When performed correctly, strength training has numerous health and fitness benefits. This type of exercise contributes to a higher metabolism, builds muscle and bone strength, and increases mobility. Learn more here.

Functional fitness training – This type of exercise emphasizes body movements that are similar to everyday activities to help gain strength and efficiency. Click here to learn more.

Tai chi – Performing tai chi not only helps you build stronger bones, but can also help you reduce stress. Learn more about this low-impact exercise here.

Yoga – This is a great mind-body exercise that combines weight-bearing poses with stretching. Find out more about yoga here. Interested in doing yoga from the comfort of your home? Click here and here for two great apps!

The following common weight-bearing moves are also great bone strengtheners:

Glute bridges


Hip bridges

Forward lunges

Downward dog

Leg circles

Single-leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises


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