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Member story: How Health Cost Estimator+ saved Anita time and money

Every day, Health Advocate helps people across the country improve their health, reduce their healthcare costs, meet health and wellness goals, and so much more. Here’s the story of one member, Anita, and how Health Advocate’s Health Cost Estimator+ and Health Advocacy service helped her save time and money.

The problem:

Having just signed up for a new high-deductible health plan, Anita panicked when her doctor ordered an abdominal ultrasound for some pain she was having.

How Health Advocate helped

After logging in to her Health Advocate member website to use the Health Cost Estimator+ pricing tool, Anita was shocked to learn that the estimated out-of-pocket cost for the ultrasound at her local hospital, based on her new plan, was $425—compared to $130 at a nearby imaging center.

When she called a Personal Health Advocate to see if the imaging center was in her plan’s network, her Advocate confirmed that it was… and even made an appointment for her.

Not only did this save Anita time—but it also saved her hundreds of dollars!

For Health Advocate members

If you are a Health Advocate member with access to Health Cost Estimator+, please give us a call or log on to your member website or mobile app to begin comparing prices of medical procedures.