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Fun summer activities for kids

It’s July, and the days are long—and seemingly getting warmer each day. With the humidity and temperature rising, and kids resisting going outside due to the heat, you might be thinking about how you can keep your kids active and entertained. Never fear—we have plenty of ideas for you!

Consider taking your summer fun to a new location. Try going to one of these fun day trip destinations:

Say hello to some wild animals! Visit your local zoo. To beat the heat, try going in the morning–plus, that’s often when the animals are most active.

Take your kids to the library to pick out some new books to read. While you’re there, check into whether the library has any summer programs your kids might enjoy.

Keep your kids active—take them to an indoor kids’ gym, or visit a park in the cooler hours of the day (late afternoon/early evening).

Attend a summer concert or movie – many townships offer this service. Check your town’s community calendar.

Grab a bucket and do some berry picking at a local farm—then use the berries in some of the recipes below.

If you’d rather stay home with the kids, there are plenty of fun activities to do there, too. Try these entertaining ideas:

Set up a kiddie pool in the backyard. Or, turn on the sprinkler and let your kids run through it on a hot day.

Help your kids make your own box cars – yes, here’s your chance to let kids play with the box instead of its contents. Here’s an easy-to-follow set of instructions.

Have the kids help you plant a family vegetable garden. Or, if you don’t have outdoor space for a garden, grow spices in a pot or two – then use the vegetables or spices to cook something of your own.

Go outside at night to try stargazing or just watching fireflies.

Make decorated rocks. Have the kids choose their own personal rock(s). If paint is too messy, you can help your kids glue eyes, buttons, feathers or leaves to the rocks. You can use the rocks to decorate your garden or display them on your bookshelves.

Bring the kids into the kitchen to help you whip up a yummy, healthy recipe! Kids love to help, and if you involve your kids in making food, they’ll enjoy eating the fruits of their labor even more.

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