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No tricks, just healthier Halloween meals and snacks

Halloween might seem like one of the unhealthiest holidays, since so much of it seems to center around candy. But you can make healthier foods the star of the show instead! On Halloween, and in the days leading up to this spooky holiday, why not serve your family some fun Halloween-themed meals and snacks that are healthy and delicious? Below, check out some of our favorite healthier Halloween recipes.

Tasty Entrees

Skeleton Quesadilla: This cute entrée is fun and easy to make, and your kids will love it!

Spider Web Pizza: This pizza looks like a web of deliciousness. The Alfredo sauce makes a great spiderweb, and the olives are delicious stand-ins for spiders!

Frankenstein’s Monster baked peppers: These quinoa-stuffed peppers make a flavorful entrée!

Sneaky Snake Pinwheels: Great for lunch or a midday snack. Make this creepy crawler treat with any lunch meat of your choice or favorite filling. Don’t forget to pack it full of veggies and greens!

Zombie Chili: The name makes it sound a little scary, but it’s actually frighteningly delicious!

Scary-Good Soups

Eyeball Soup: It looks a little gory, but it’s full of delicious tomato flavor!

Broccoli Cheddar Witches’ Brew Soup with Cheezy Garlic Broomsticks: This green soup is packed full of broccoli! The broomstick recipe is dairy-free, using vegan “cheese” shreds, but you can substitute with your favorite cheese if you don’t need to avoid dairy.

Snacks and Appetizers

Halloween Scarecrow Taco Dip: This is a great snack for parties! Unlike actual scarecrows, it won’t scare anyone away. Your guests will be back for more…. Mmmm!

Veggie Skeleton: If you have kids who aren’t always interested in eating their vegetables, this cute treat could help make veggies look more fun and appealing!

Green Meanies: Your children will love making these yummy monster mouths from healthy foods.

Spooky Spiderweb Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs are full of protein, and these are perfectly spooky for Halloween! You’ll never guess the secret, healthy ingredient that you’ll use for the spiderweb design…

Pumpkin Dippers: This carrots-and-hummus dish will be a favorite of both kids and adults!

Desserts and Treats

Green Goblin Smoothie: This might seem like a dessert to your child—don’t let them know it’s secretly healthy, packed with fruits, avocado, and spinach! This recipe is vegan and dairy-free; if you’re not vegan or don’t need to avoid dairy, use your favorite dairy milk and yogurt instead.

Darkly Delicious Apples: An almost-too-pretty-to-eat twist on the traditional candy apple.

Banana Caterpillars: This cute buggy treat that is almost too adorable to eat!

Banana Ghosts and Pumpkin Clementines: These treats are easy to make, healthy, and great for kid parties.

From all of us at Health Advocate, we hope you and your family have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween!

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