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Driving healthcare engagement through fitness device integration

Health Advocate™, the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company and a subsidiary of West Corporation, today announced that participants in its Wellness Program can now connect their personalized wellness website with nearly 100 different fitness devices and apps from 25 leading manufacturers, including Fitbit®, Garmin® and Jawbone®, among many others.

By offering participants additional devices and apps to choose from, Health Advocate expands interactivity and access to the program, allowing more participants to use technology to effectively track their progress toward health and wellness goals.

“Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in health and wellness, and Health Advocate is committed to providing our members with the means to more effectively utilize available tools and resources,” said Abbie Leibowitz, M.D., Co-President, Health Advocate. “By enhancing our existing Wellness Program with the integration of these fitness devices and apps, participants now have the opportunity to work with their Wellness Coach to get a more accurate and complete picture of their progress, further helping them reach their personalized health and wellness goals.”

With this update, program participants can sync data from their favorite devices with a variety of online trackers that monitor daily activity, weight and sleep, among other factors that play a key role in wellness. The program also supports a number of wellness-focused competitions and incentives-based programs hosted on the site, allowing for automatic and seamless updates to the member’s progress.

The interactive wellness website is just one component of Health Advocate’s Wellness Program, which combines one-on-one support from a certified Wellness Coach with leading healthcare data analytics to create customized plans that help members reach their goals. This comprehensive approach more effectively engages participants, motivating them to make positive behavior changes and take charge of their health.

Like all Health Advocate solutions, the Wellness Program is capable of being fully integrated with other benefits, including chronic care management and targeted communications, to provide more frequent touch points and incentives to keep participants involved.

Through the integration of these devices and apps with the Wellness Program website, members can more easily track a wide variety of important health data, including:

  •     Steps Taken
  •     Time Exercised
  •     Distance Exercised
  •     Weight
  •     Sleep

With this information readily available through their personalized wellness website, participants can see their progress in near real-time, increasing engagement and motivation as they work toward their goals. Health Advocate will continue adding new devices and apps in the coming months as well as expanding the types of data that can be synced to the online platform. Participants also have unlimited access to their Wellness Coach if they have questions or need help incorporating fitness devices or apps into their wellness plan and goals.

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