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Setting successful New Year’s resolutions

As the New Year approaches, you may be reflecting upon the past year and determining areas you’d like to improve for 2016. While your resolution shouldn’t be easy, tackling too much can result in failure. Plus, it can be difficult to continue your resolution beyond the first few months of the year. The tips below can help you choose your resolution wisely and set yourself up for success!

Determine your ultimate goal. It can be helpful to think of a resolution as a long-term goal to be completed in about 6 months to a year. Where would you like to be at that time?

Divide and conquer. Once you’ve selected your overall goal, create short-term goals that will help you achieve it. Short-term goals are those that can be completed in about 3 months.

Break it down even further. Meeting and sustaining a goal takes small, manageable steps. SMART goals are those that are:






Consider your strengths. What do you already have going for you that can help you meet your goals? The strengths you have can help you increase your confidence in your ability to meet your resolution.

Know your weaknesses. Equally important to recognizing your strengths is knowing what you may find to be a challenge. Anticipating your challenges helps you to create a plan to stay on track.

Be flexible. Sometimes life can get in the way when trying to meet your goals. If you find yourself off course, re-adjust your goals to make them more attainable during hectic times.

Share your goals. Sharing your goals with others may help you stay on track through increased accountability and support.

Reward yourself. Each time you meet a goal or milestone, consider rewarding yourself. This can help you maintain your new, healthy behaviors.

Stay positive. Don’t let setbacks keep you from accomplishing your goals. See obstacles as learning experiences and conquer them with positive affirmations.

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