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Healthier, homemade Halloween treats

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind is a wide variety of unhealthy treats, right? But Halloween doesn’t have to be a holiday filled with unwholesome foods! There are lots of healthier meal, treat, and snack ideas out there. We’ve compiled a few healthier, kid-friendly, spooklicious recipes that are easy to make and even easier for your family to love!

Spider Web Pizza: This pizza looks like a web of deliciousness. The Alfredo sauce makes a great spiderweb, and the olives are delicious stand-ins for spiders!

Sneaky Snake Pinwheels: Great for lunch or a midday snack. Make this creepy crawler treat with any lunch meat of your choice or favorite filling. Don’t forget to pack it full of veggies and greens!

Halloween Scarecrow Taco Dip: This is a great snack for parties! Unlike actual scarecrows, it won’t scare anyone away. Your guests will be back for more…. Mmmm!

Green Meanies: Your children will love making these yummy monster mouths from healthy foods.

Peanut Butter Cracker Spiders: They’re fun to put together and even more fun to eat. What kid wouldn’t love good ol’ PB crackers that look like an insect?

Banana Caterpillars: This cute buggy treat that is almost too adorable to eat!

Banana Ghosts and Pumpkin Clementines: These treats are easy to make, healthy, and great for kid parties.

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