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App review: 7 Minute Workout

If you’re searching for a quick workout to squeeze into your day or even if you just want an extra boost in your exercise routine, look no further than the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App.

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is even compatible with the Apple watch. This free app boasts 12 workouts and 36 exercises that can be personalized to create over 1,000 different variations all tailored to you, based on your feedback, fitness and motivation levels.

How it works

The app offers a total body workout by incorporating both cardio and strength exercises. Before beginning, the app will prompt you to speak with your doctor before starting to exercise. Then you can use the preferences to select your fitness and motivation level.

Prior to starting the actual 7-minute workout, you have the option to perform warm-up exercises, although this is not required to proceed. If you opt for the warm-up, it will prompt you through a 2-minute series of warm-up exercises. The app will then take you through the 7-minute workout, which may consist of exercises such as jumping jacks, the wall sit, push-ups, crunches, step-ups, squats, tricep dips, plank, high knees, lunge, push-ups with rotation, or side plank (depending on your fitness level).

A thorough description and tips for each exercise are narrated while a graphic of a man performing the exercise plays. A timer sounds while you complete the exercise so you can keep track of your time. Underneath each graphic it asks whether you like or dislike the exercises. This will help to create Smart Workouts that are based on your preferences and exercise level. Between each exercise there is a 5-second break for rest.

At the completion of the exercise, the app will ask if you would like to perform cool-down exercises. If you opt for the cool-down, the narrator and graphic will continue to lead you through a series of stretches. At the conclusion of the workout the app will ask you for feedback to rate how you feel afterwards.


  • Many times, when you download an app, it requests permission to access many other settings and programs on your device. This is not the case with The 7 Minute Workout app; it requires no permissions.
  • The narration is easy to understand and listen to while you exercise.
  • The graphics show the correct way to perform each exercise in a visually appealing manner.
  • The app allows you to create different variations based on your preferences, skill level and even your level of motivation. Tracking your progress helps with motivation and to really see the results of the exercise.


  • There app includes an alarm feature that you can set to remember to exercise. The alarm can be easily missed; it is not very evident when it pops up since it appears as a notification on the device. If you’re not paying attention to the device, you may not be aware the alarm occurred.
  • Also, if you decide not to do the warm-up exercises, the app only gives you a few seconds to prepare once you begin the 7-minute workout.

Overall consensus: This is a great app for all skill levels, whether you’re an exercise novice or advanced. The app is beneficial for a quick total body workout which allows for variation. And with all of the variations, it will be difficult to become bored with this app.

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