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Set and achieve your goals with the Happy Goals app

Maintaining an optimistic outlook on life and practicing positive thinking strategies can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to stay optimistic while creating and learning how to manage healthy goals. Happy Goals can help you with setting and sticking to your goals while helping you have a positive outlook.

How it works:

Happy Goals is an app that is currently only available on iOS devices; it costs $.99 to download. It allows you to list, prioritize, and track the goals you want to achieve.

To begin, decide on a goal you want to achieve and a realistic timeframe you will complete it in. Then, add the goal to the list on the app’s home page. To add more goals, just pull the list down. You can add whatever goals you like into the app. Whether you want to finish reading a book for your book club, water your plants in the garden, run 30 minutes a day, or donate money to your favorite charity, just type it in and get started working toward your goal!

You can also tap the goal on your screen to change its details, such as its name or final outcome. As you are working toward your goal, you can add and check off intervals by swiping left or right. If you want to rearrange and prioritize your goals, shake the device to enter or exit the edit mode. Although the application lacks motivational messages or reminders to achieve your goal, the confetti that floats down is enough of a reason to jump up and down for joy once you have completed your goal.

Pros: This app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate from goal to goal. You can create goals and edit them within seconds. Everything appears on one screen.

Cons: Although the application may look pretty, the pages can be a little slow to load. You must enter a target goal number, which is basically the timeframe in which you would like to achieve that goal. The issue is sometimes the goal you have set doesn’t necessarily require a number to accomplish it—for example, you may not want or need to put a deadline on finishing a book.

Overall consensus: The simple yet elegant interface only gives you the information that you need and allows you to get started in seconds. It is a great tool for achieving the goals that you are striving for. Why not give it a try? It could give you that extra push and help you achieve that milestone you’ve been working toward!