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Fun ways to bring fitness back outside

During winter, you likely brought your workouts indoors. Perhaps you joined a gym, or you tried some at-home exercises that you did in the comfort of your warm home. Now that spring is officially here and the weather is getting milder, it’s a great time to think about ways to bring your workouts back outside! Besides fitting in more physical activity, there are many other benefits to working out outside–fresh air, sunshine, and enjoying a wide range of activities that are perfect for the outdoors. Not sure how to get started? Try one–or several–of these ideas!

  • Start simple. Walking for fitness is a great way to get started! Walk around your neighborhood or your local park in the mornings or after dinner. At work, grab a buddy and take a walk outside at lunchtime.
  • Build some team spirit. Organize a team sport that you and your friends can play. Find a local basketball court and play a game of hoops. Try tennis or badminton. Backyard volleyball is a fun choice for a party. Or invite friends for a round of golf or mini-golf!
  • Step it up a notch. If you’ve already been doing a lot of walking for exercise, take your workout up a level. Try jogging, running, or hiking.
  • Find a new-to-you form of cardio. If you want something different from running or walking, try cycling or swimming!
  • Tidy up your property. Do a little spring cleaning outdoors. Make your patio or garden beautiful with some colorful plants–gardening counts as exercise. And if you’re using a push mower, mowing the lawn counts, too!
  • Bring your canine companion. Are you a dog owner? Exercise is not only good for you, but it’s also essential for your pooch. Take your dog out for a walk or jog. If you’re tired of just walking around your neighborhood, consider a change of scenery–go to a new location. Not only will you and your dog each benefit from the exercise, you’ll also enjoy some fresh air and companionship!
  • Bring your kids! Exercise benefits your whole family. Bring your kids outside for a day of family fun! Organize games like tag, relay races, and horseshoes that get everyone moving.
  • Participate in a local event. In the spring and summer months, there are plenty of races, runs, and walks taking place. Look at your community events calendar to see what local events you could participate in. Is there a 5K you want to work up to running? Or a walk that benefits a charity you support?

No matter what activity you try outside, remember…

  • To reduce your risk of dehydration, bring plenty of water to drink
  • Apply sunscreen before heading outside
  • Talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine

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