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Health Advocate raises funds for American Heart Month

In recognition of February’s American Heart Month, Health Advocate, the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company, announced that along with its employees, it donated over $1,000 to the American Heart Association.

“Heart disease impacts millions of Americans each year, so we are proud to support the American Heart Association and their efforts to combat heart disease,” says Marty Rosen, Executive Vice President, Health Advocate. “Through our work helping people navigate their healthcare, our employees understand the devastating effects of heart disease and have once again stepped up to support this important cause.”

Employees at the company’s six nationwide offices raised funds for this effort by purchasing Valentine Grams for their colleagues for $1 each, but many donated more to support this initiative.

Health Advocate also distributed fact sheets to its 40+ million members to raise awareness and provide additional information about heart health and risk factors for heart disease.

The American Heart Association is dedicated to saving people from heart disease and stroke by raising awareness and providing resources to prevent and treat these conditions. Donations to the organization support innovative research, public education and outreach, and advocacy to improve policies related to heart health.