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Health Advocate Holds Webinar to Help Organizations Prepare for a Potential Health Crisis

Public health experts to share practical information and strategies to help organizations be ready

Health Advocate™, Inc., the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company and a subsidiary of West Corporation, is hosting a free webinar, Are You Prepared for a Health Crisis?, led by national medical experts, to provide organizations with
an overview of how to plan and prepare for a potential public health crisis.

The webinar will be held twice on Monday, December 8, at 11 AM ET and again at 2 PM ET. For more information or to register for the webinar, please visit or call 866.799.2655.

The featured speakers include:

  • John Stern, M.D., Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and chairman of the Infection Prevention Committee at Pennsylvania Hospital/UPenn
  • Jocelyn Sivalingam, M.D., Medical Director, Health Advocate, Inc., Board Certified Infectious Diseases

Drs. Stern and Sivalingam will share the latest information about infectious disease trends and provide insights into business continuity planning and employee communications.

“The recent cases of Ebola and other infectious diseases highlight the importance of organizations being prepared to handle a potential public health crisis that could seriously impact their employees and their business,” said Martin Rosen, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Health Advocate. “This webinar will provide organizations with the necessary information and strategies to be ready should a health crisis occur.”

Health Advocate will also publish a special guide for employers, “Health Crisis Business Planning & Communication: Making Sure You Are Prepared.” Each attendee will receive a free copy.