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Ask a Health Advocate: Are spices healthy, and what do they taste like?

Instead of using salt or fats like butter to add flavor to your dishes, try using fresh herbs and spices instead! They are low-sodium and fat-free alternatives that give your dishes extra flavor. Try adding spices and herbs to your meals to keep your taste buds satisfied!

Are you a newbie when it comes to spices? Browse the spice aisle at your local grocery store and pick a few you’re curious about trying. Or, check out some of our herb and spice suggestions and ways to enjoy them:


  • What it tastes like: earthy, sweet, and slightly bitter
  • How to use it: Try adding some cinnamon to your oatmeal, top sweet potatoes with a sprinkling of it, or sprinkle some in your coffee.


  • What it tastes like: smoky and earthy with a hint of heat
  • How to use it: Add it to chili, or bean and rice dishes.


  • What it tastes like: savory, sweet, and pungent
  • How to use it: Add garlic to sauces, Italian dishes, and soups.


  • What it tastes like: sweet, warm, and woody
  • How to use it: Add to Asian stir-fry dishes or to a mug of hot tea.


  • What it tastes like: cool and refreshing
  • How to use it: Add to a fruit salad or drink mint tea.


  • What it tastes like: uniquely pungent, highly aromatic, and a mixture of sweet and savory
  • How to use it: Add to homemade pizzas or pasta sauces.


  • What it tastes like: aromatic, peppery, and woodsy
  • How to use it: Add to potato dishes or vegetable omelets, or use it to spice up your roast chicken or turkey.


  • What it tastes like: pungent and slightly bitter with an orange – ginger undertone
  • How to use it: Add to chicken, seafood, or rice dishes.


If you’re a Health Advocate member with access to the Wellness Coaching program, reach out to your Wellness Coach for more healthy ways to incorporate herbs and spices into your diet.

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