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Workout of the Week: Single-Leg Deadlifts

This week’s workout is Single-Leg Deadlifts. This exercise is great for strengthening large muscle groups like your calves, quads, glutes and core, as well as strengthening the smaller stabilizing muscles groups in your hips, ankles and inner thighs.

Here’s how to do them:

  • Begin by standing with your feet together, arms at your sides, and chin up, looking straight ahead.
  • Next, lift one leg a couple inches off the ground, with a slight bend in the knee. Lock your hips and slowly bend forward, raising your arms out to your sides for better balance—simultaneously raising your leg behind you.
  • Squeeze the glute of the lifted leg and then, using your hamstrings and glutes, lift your body back to the starting position. Remember to keep your back straight as you do this motion.
  • Try to do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, and switch legs.


  • To assure correct posture and form, keep your eyes looking forward as you bend over. This will prevent you from arching your back.
  • For increased difficulty try holding weights in your hand, or even a barbell, as you do this exercise, and slowly lower your arms to the floor as your bend instead of keeping your hands out at your sides.
  • If you feel an abnormal amount of pressure in your back or thighs stop this exercise immediately and consult your doctor.

We hope you’ll try Single-Leg Deadlifts over the weekend and then build them into your daily routine Monday through Friday of the coming week.

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