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What are you doing to get fit in the New Year?

As part of Health Advocate’s Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign, many of our members aimed to maintain healthy habits–like maintaining weight, eating right, exercising, and reducing stress–leading up to, and lasting throughout, the holidays.

At the start of the new year, many people commit to exercise-related goals. We asked some of our members who participated in the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign what types of fitness activities they’ve started the year with. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“I use an exercise DVD and work out at my house.” –Helen

“I am going to start with my Wii U fitness game.” –Michelle

“I do a mix of going to the gym, doing cardio and lifting weights, and some workout routines at home.  When it’s not raining or snowing I love to do my cardio on my bike–much more fun and exciting!” –Roger

“Work out on my elliptical.” –Kathy

“It is BEYOND FRIGID outside, so I will practice being in the moment on the mat. Yoga continues to nurture both my body and mind–especially important after a stressful holiday season!” –Terry

“I have two morning routines: one for arms and stomach, and the other for back and legs.  Then at night I do plank exercises and stretching.”   –Angie

“This week I will walk on my treadmill and ride my stationary bike.” –Tammy

“I will play indoor tennis!” –Ann

“This week I kick it back in after the holidays and get back to my P90X routine.” –Richard

“For the new year, I plan on going to a Pilates class one or two times a week to help stay in shape and keep warm in the winter!” –Emily

“In the winter months I walk on my treadmill and ride my exercise bike.”  –D’Ann

“I get up early in the mornings to get 20 minutes on my rowing machine done.  I also enjoy a Friday evening and a Saturday morning yoga class in my neighborhood.  –Marina

“Start using hand weights and exercise bands to do cardio exercise, lunges and squats.” –Katherine

“I will continue to take walks on my work breaks, but to increase my activity I am printing my papers on the 2nd floor of our office. Every time I print something, I will inevitably have to do a set of stairs.”  –Tracie

“I keep active during the winter by running at lunch and doing yoga at night.” –Kristie

“Snowboarding on the weekend, with some Zumba and yoga during the week.”  –Jacqueline

“Walk with co-workers after work!” –Karen

“I belong to two gyms (one at work and another close to home), so I never have an excuse to miss a workout. I like weightlifting and incline treadmill walking.” –Gina

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