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What healthy substitution will you try?

As part of Health Advocate’s Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign, many of our members are aiming to maintain healthy habits–like maintaining weight, eating right, exercising, and reducing stress–leading up to, and lasting throughout, the holidays.

We asked some of our members who are participating in the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign about what healthy substitution they will make to one of their meals. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“I have eliminated virtually all butter by using olive oil in place of it.” –Dave

 “I will drink water instead of soda or other beverages.  I will choose not to drink my calories so I can enjoy other selections.” –Kim

“I will replace white flour with whole-wheat flour.” –Helen

“I plan to prepare at least one meal without any added fats by steaming vegetables and cooking salmon in lemon juice. I’ll also reduce the amount of salt used to prepare both by using herbs and spices instead.” –Rhonda

“I’m making mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes.” –Margaret

“I will try Greek yogurt on my baked potato instead of sour cream.” –Susan

“I will make a healthy substitution by having spaghetti squash instead of pasta!” –Amy

“I will be cutting out white rice and white bread this week. The remainder of the month, I’ll eat brown rice and whole wheat multigrain bread only.” –Denise

“I’ll try clementines for snacks instead of sugary sweets!”  –Jose

“I plan on making healthy meal substitutions this week by preparing more meals at home and also bringing lunches to work with me.” –Emily

“I like to blend or chop veggies instead of meat in a lot of my sauces!” –DJ

Are you looking to maintain your health during the holidays, too? Tweet us @HealthAdvocate and tell us what healthy substitution you’re excited to try!

For Health Advocate members with access to our Wellness Program:

It’s not too late to join our Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign for 2014! Simply log in to your Health Advocate Wellness website and opt-in to the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign (depending on your particular program/website, you can register either by clicking the Maintain, Don’t Gain banner on the top of the page, or by clicking “My Account”). During the campaign, you will receive valuable tips via email and/or text messaging that can help you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Additionally, if you have access to a Health Advocate Wellness Coach through our wellness program, you can connect with a coach who can help motivate and guide you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Call us today to get started!