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What aspect of your health are you most thankful for?

As part of Health Advocate’s Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign, many of our members are aiming to maintain healthy habits–like maintaining weight, eating right, exercising, and reducing stress–leading up to, and lasting throughout, the holidays.

We asked some of our members who are participating in the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign about what aspect of their health they’re most grateful for. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“I am thankful that I am mobile, with the strength and energy to lead a busy life and accomplish the things that I need to do on a daily basis without getting out of breath or struggling in some other fashion.” –Pam

“I am most thankful that my health has improved tremendously over the past few years by adjusting my eating and exercise.” –Casey

“I am happy that I am in good health and am able to maintain a regular exercise schedule.” –Meg

“I love healthy foods, crave healthy foods and drink lots of water. I’m thankful my life habits help keep me healthy.”  –Virginia

“I’m thankful for my physical ability to complete three 60-minute intense workouts a week, which allows my body to relieve stress. Exercise has been a life-saver for me. –Rosie

“I am most thankful that I have the power to make decisions regarding my health, and every day I can choose to take better care of myself than the day before.” — Myriah

“I am very grateful that I don’t have any major illness.  I have changed my diet and eating habits, making healthier choices and taking smaller portions to maintain good health. The aspect of my health that I’m most thankful for is the ability to make these changes before it’s too late.”  –Jennifer

“I am most thankful for my diligence and dedication to exercise each weekday at the gym at work. I have seen my health improve drastically by taking 45 minutes out of my lunch break to exercise. I’m thankful for the strength and stamina that I’ve gained from making this change to my lifestyle.” –Allison

“I am thankful that I have the health to be active with my grandchildren.” –Suzanne

“I am thankful for all aspects of my health, most specifically my strength that keeps me both physically and mentally fit.”  –Alison

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For Health Advocate members with access to our Wellness Program:

It’s not too late to join our Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign for 2014! Simply log in to your Health Advocate Wellness website and opt-in to the Maintain, Don’t Gain campaign (depending on your particular program/website, you can register either by clicking the Maintain, Don’t Gain banner on the top of the page, or by clicking “My Account”). During the campaign, you will receive valuable tips via email and/or text messaging that can help you stay healthy throughout the holidays.

Additionally, if you have access to a Health Advocate Wellness Coach through our wellness program, you can connect with a coach who can help motivate and guide you to make healthy lifestyle choices. Call us today to get started!