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Do Good for Yourself and Others with the Charity Miles App

Want to become a sponsored athlete? There’s an app for that! Next time you step outside to exercise, give your miles to charity. With Charity Miles, every mile you run will not only benefit your health, but will help those in need as well. If you are in need of some additional motivation to get up and go, helping your charity of choice could be just the spark you need to get started!

How it works
Charity Miles is free to download on iPhone and Android devices. It allows you to earn corporate sponsorships for charity by walking, running or biking. Runners earn 25 cents per mile and bikers earn 10 cents per mile. Participating charities include the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Habitat for Humanity, The Nature Conservancy, ASPCA and Stand Up To Cancer, among others. The corporate sponsors include Timex Sports, Humana and Lifeway Foods.

Getting started with this app is pretty easy. First, before you begin your exercise, select a charity to donate to. Then choose your exercise from the top scroll bar. Press start and begin to walk, run, or bike.

At the end of your workout, the application will tell you your total distance traveled, time spent exercising, and most importantly, which corporate sponsorship donated money to the charity you selected. Charity Miles uses GPS to calculate the miles achieved, which validates the dollar amount donated to the charity. This application also allows users to share their workout on social media, but if you don’t want to share this information, you’re not required to use that feature.

Pros:This app is very simple and easy to navigate. There is a horizontal scroll bar at the top of the app that allows you to toggle between walk, run, bike, indoor walk, and indoor run. Plus, it’s gratifying to know that while you’re engaging in a healthy activity that’s good for you, you are also doing good for others by raising money with every mile you complete!

Cons: If you are not used to carrying an iPhone or Android while exercising, then it may take some getting used to; however, soon there will be an option to link an activity tracker or pedometer to the Charity Miles application. Also, some user reviews note that the GPS module could be more accurate, as donations are dependent on the distance calculation.

Overall consensus: This is a fun, simple way to turn your daily exercise into a charitable activity—or it can serve as great motivation to get started and do something good for your health and your favorite charity.

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