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De-stress anytime with the Calm relaxation app

Feeling stressed? Have a deadline to meet? With the Calm app or website, you can quickly and easily take 2 minutes to regroup, de-stress, and start fresh. Research shows that taking a mental break and practicing calming exercises improves memory and productivity, reduces stress, and may even relieve pain. This app is designed to reduce stress, quiet minds, and improve work performance. Commit to doing a brief relaxation exercise through Calm a few times daily and you may begin noticing healthy results!

How it works

The Calm app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. It also has a beautifully designed companion website,

The Calm app and website provide access to guided meditation exercises. You can select a meditation session with narration or simply start a timed session with pleasant background sounds and gentle music. The narration feature walks you through each step, beginning with closing your eyes, relaxing your shoulders, focusing your breath, and noticing the sounds and sensations around you. You can personalize your session by selecting your desired length of time and a background nature scene of your choice.

The app offers a handful of sessions for free and you can unlock around 50 more for about $10 per year. The meditation exercises available on the website are completely free.

Pros: The setup for this application is quick and easy, as is the website, which creates a direct pathway to relaxation within moments. Calm has a very stress-free and inviting interface, which would be expected for a stress-reducing app.

Cons:This application is currently only available on iOS devices, which limits potential users. There isn’t a ton of free content, so if you want more, expect to pay a subscription fee.

Overall consensus: If a little rejuvenation in the middle of the day sounds good to you, check out Calm. It’s a great way get comfortable with meditation and start de-stressing your mind.

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