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Stress less with these simple tips

April is National Stress Awareness Month, a time to increase efforts and education that can reduce America’s epidemic of stress.  It’s important to understand that stress doesn’t generally stay just in your head, where the worries reside–it can affect many other areas of your body, too. If stress is making you irritable, tired, or achy, check out some no-hassle tips that can allow you to relax a little, lessen your stress and give you some relief.

Want more help reducing stress?  The National Stress Awareness Month website has three free publications available to help you learn about and reduce stress.  Click here to download them.  Or, consider talking to a counselor who can help you work through some of your stress.

Please note: Before engaging in exercise or undergoing massage therapy, it’s recommended to consult your doctor to verify that these types of activities are safe for you to do.