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Ways to truly savor the summer

With longer days, warmer weather, more sunshine, and a greater sense of ease, summer is a great time of year. But if you’re not careful, the summer months can fly by in a blur. Try these tips to help you slow down and truly enjoy the summer.

Wake up early. The morning hours can be the most peaceful time of a summer day. Wake up a little earlier to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee outdoors or go for an early morning walk before it gets too hot.

Stay off your phone and social media as much as you can. It’s easy to waste time mindlessly scrolling. Put your phone down and focus on what’s happening around you.

Unplug from technology. In addition to limiting social media, take a break from TV, video games, and other screens. Unplugging lets you be more engaged with the people and activities around you.

Get outside. Go for a hike, have a picnic in the park, or just spend an afternoon reading in the shade under a tree. Being in nature can help you feel more relaxed and present.

Make an effort to live in the moment. Notice the little things that make summertime magical, like the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of crickets chirping at night, or the warmth of the sun.

Savor the flavors of summer. Take advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies that are in season. Challenge yourself to make a meal or snack each week that includes one new-to-you fruit or vegetable!

Be spontaneous and try new things. Summer is a great time to say yes to last-minute plans or activities you’ve never done before. Consider trying these some of ideas:

  • Check out your community’s events calendar–if available, attend a concert in the park or an outdoor movie night
  • If you don’t already have a library card, get one, and then set a reading goal for the summer. Challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books, or to read one book in each of several different genres.
  • Find a new-to-you local park, hiking trail, or nature preserve to visit
  • Try something new and fun that keeps you active and moving. Learn how to play pickleball, take a scuba diving course, plant a vegetable garden, or take a dance class.

Appreciate the simple joys that summer brings. Whether it is a good book to read at the beach or a stroll through a park, summer is full of small pleasures if you take the time to appreciate them.

Use your vacation time to unwind. When you have time off, don’t pack it with too many activities. Instead, plan a few days just for doing things that help you relax and feel refreshed.

Summer goes so quickly, so make the most of it! Relax, soak up the sunshine, and make happy memories to look back on until next summer.