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Novel ways to show gratitude

When someone has impacted your life in an exceptionally meaningful way, you may want to show your gratitude in a way that extends beyond a simple thank you or handwritten card. Here are some ideas to express a deeper appreciation:

Create their favorite meal. Investing your time and effort to honor the person’s kindness will make them feel special. Make the meal extra special for them by making it personal to their tastes, such as serving their favorite dessert or type of cuisine.

Gift them a book that taps into their interest. Have they mentioned pursuing wildflower gardening, exploring national parks, writing a memoir, or starting a business? Or how about giving them a novel that changed YOUR life or how you think about a certain subject? Giving someone an inspiring novel can be an enriching gesture. 

Present them with tickets to an experience. Consider dance, art or kayaking lessons, a dream concert, special exhibit, or favorite sporting event. They may even invite you to share the experience, making it extra meaningful.

Gift them a membership or subscription to something that would delight them. As the gift that keeps on giving for a while, your choices are endless! Some ideas include a membership to a museum, spa, workout or yoga studio, streaming network, or a magazine. Or, how about a monthly subscription box containing different small plants, travel guides, craft supplies, or other items that fit their interests?

Give the gift of yourself and your time. Take or pick up someone for an airport run, make your coworker coffee and deliver it to them, or help a friend solve a problem.