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Creative ways to nourish yourself

If you’re like many people, March’s gray skies can make you feel gloomy and sluggish. Now is the time to take some small actions each day that can help re-invigorate you, nourishing your spirits and sparking your energy. Try these simple ideas:

Limit your intake of news and social media. Taking a break from worrying about troubling events can allow for more for self-reflection and activities that make you feel optimistic.

Jump-start spring cleaning. Refreshing your space can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Clean out the dust and dirt built up over winter, and clear out the clutter. Let in some fresh air. Switch vases, pictures, lamps, etc. to a different room to see your living space in a fresh way.

Get a dose of the outdoors. Grab an umbrella and take a stroll down the street, beside a local stream, or even around your own backyard. Observing the glimpses of reviving nature—the green grass peeking through the mud, for instance—can nourish your soul!

Feed your dreams. Take a mini vacation day centered around activities that you’d like to do on a dream destination. Yearning to visit Paris? Pick up some French pastries at a bakery. View a French film, listen to Parisian music, read a novel set in France, or go on a virtual tour of the Louvre. It’s likely that you’ll feel a shift in energy!

Turn to something that tickles your funny bone. Having a good laugh can help stoke your feel-good endorphins, reviving your outlook. Watch a funny sitcom or video, book tickets for a standup comedy show, or talk with a friend who cracks you up! 

Continually feeling down and unmotivated? Ask your doctor for a referral to a qualified counselor or contact a counselor yourself.