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Renew your course for better health

Did you fall off the health improvement bandwagon at some point this year, or never really got in gear in the first place? Take heart. Whether your efforts were derailed due to wrong timing, competing responsibilities, or just not being the right course for you, these tips will help you get on–and stay on–the road to healthier habits.

Redefine why you want to reset your course. Maybe you want to get stronger to play with your kids or exert yourself without getting winded, have your clothes fit better, lower your blood pressure, or just feel less stagnant and stuck. Identifying your “why” can lead to making a solid plan to reach your goal.

Look for novel ways to get active physically and mentally. Consider a guided nature walk sponsored by your local parks and recreation department, or attend free local art workshops, cooking demos, yoga drop-ins, etc.  This could be the refreshing spark to help jump-start your quest for better well-being.

Tackle only one healthy goal at a time, and go slow and build your habit. Break your goal into small, manageable steps that are measurable. This might mean plotting an increasingly longer walking routine, starting with just a 10-minute jaunt around your neighborhood.

Forget willpower—create a routine to keep you on course! For example, carve out a regular time for your walk around your neighborhood to occur right after your morning coffee or midday break, so it becomes  a habit.

Create habits you can truly keep—try healthy swaps. As an example: swap seltzer for soda, saving you over 20 grams of sugar. For more ideas, visit:

Make getting healthy enticing! Want to start exercising? Get some snazzy sneakers and lively workout gear that make you want to move!

Buddy up.  Pair up with someone who is ready, willing and committed to a healthier course and can help keep you accountable.

Start tracking! Whether you use a habit tracker app, a journal or make a simple mark on your calendar, it’s gratifying and motivating to see your progress.