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Mind-body habits to navigate challenges

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is full of speedbumps, upsetting our everyday routines, jobs, vacation plans and more—often stopping us in our tracks. However, cultivating positive habits—both in thought and action—can help you overcome many of life’s disappointments and stoke the confidence, focus and energy to get through tough situations. Try these suggestions.

Adopt the habit of saying “I can” and “I will” vs. “I can’t” or “I won’t.” This simple self-talk tweak can boost your confidence and increase your chance of getting through many detours. Keeping reminders of your positive qualities and achievements handy can also help propel you forward.

Rely on your previous “survival skills.” For example, did you call on friends, experts, community or online practical resources to help you through the loss of a job, tackle debt, secure caregiving for a family member or ease another stressful situation? Reaching out for help can prompt you to take the next steps to handle new challenges.

Streamline your routines for better balance. Disruptions to work or school schedules, for example, can be overwhelming, throwing off other parts of your life. Consider pre-planning simple, nutritious go-to meals for the week, for example, so you’re not flooded with last-minute decisions.

Practice mindfulness. Focusing your mind on your breath and the present moment—even for a few minutes a day here and there–allows you to calm your emotional reactions, enabling you to rationally find solutions to challenges.

Stick to healthy lifestyle habits. Getting a solid night’s sleep, exercising daily, and eating nutritious meals can help sustain your resilience.

Tap your network of supportive people. Seek out the optimists who cheer you on. Limit time with the naysayers and complainers.