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Set routines for better health

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted even the most basic daily routines that can help keep us healthy. However, with just a little planning, you can re-establish scheduled times for those activities that help bolster your health. Following routines offers these benefits:

Reduces worry and stress. Without routines, you simply run out of time, leaving you with the constant worry of all the things left undone.

Saves brainpower. Randomly jumping from task to task involves constant decision-making about what to do next, creating brain drain. Setting a routine and sticking to it helps you focus. 

Increases your energy. Haphazard mealtimes or skipping breakfast altogether, for example, is a recipe for sluggishness. Even a quick but healthy breakfast can make a big difference in your stamina and outlook!

Keeps you in shape from head to toe. Committing time for daily exercise, for example, helps support the functions of your heart, brain, digestive and other organs–and helps control COVID-19 weight gain, too!

Promotes proper nourishment.  Without scheduling time for grocery shopping/delivery with a prepared list of healthy food options, you’re likely to fill up on fast food, robbing you of nutrients that can help fortify your immune system.

Prevents worsening health. Forgoing daily flossing, not taking your meds on time, and forgetting to schedule routine check-ups may all lead to the need for sudden medical care.

Supports quality time with loved ones. A regular sit-down dinner routine ensures time to spend with household members at the day’s end.

Creates space for restorative activities. With an efficient daily routine, you can have room for a Zoom yoga class, nightly strolls with your spouse, reading your favorite book and more!

A few additional tips…

Routines help regulate your body clock! Disrupted body clocks (circadian rhythms), caused by a lack of a predictable sleep routine, for instance, has been associated with depression, diabetes, and obesity and other conditions. If you’ve been going to bed and rising at the same time and still not sleeping soundly, talk to your doctor.

Pare down! Fewer choices means less stressful decision-making, enabling you to stick to essential routines. Some ideas: De-clutter your closet to just the basics that you can mix and match. Choose a few quick and easy go-to weeknight meals.