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Staying well through winter

Winter is coming, and it is shaping up to be much different from usual! In addition to the typical winter health challenges, like cold and flu, winterizing your workout routine, holiday preparations and the stress that comes along with the end of the year, we also have to navigate COVID-19. Have no fear; Health Advocate is here with tips to help you stay well through winter!

Stay on top of preventive care—it is the most effective way to maintain your health! Click here to read more about how to maintain preventive care despite the pandemic.

Don’t delay calling your doctor if you’re feeling ill. Addressing any symptoms you may be having is necessary in light of the pandemic. At this time, many practices have adjusted their policies to accommodate and protect patients, through either telemedicine appointments or in-office safety measures.

In case of illness, make sure your medicine cabinet is stocked with essentials. Read our list of “must-haves” here.

Make self-care a priority. It is easy to lose focus on the most important person in your life (you!) when you’re busy with other responsibilities. Click here to learn more about self-care.

Take time to focus on your mental health. Practicing mindfulness (click here for more information), letting go of perfection (read more here) and knowing when to say “no” (click here for details) are great methods you can implement to protect your mental health.

Stay active. Physical activity benefits both your physical and mental health. While it can be challenging during colder months, plus with gym closures and restrictions due to COVID-19, it is still possible to be active! Check out our posts below for guidance.

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Ways to stay fit during the winter

Eat well. Nourishing your body with healthy foods can contribute to higher energy levels, a greater sense of well-being and a stronger immune system. Read some of our nutrition posts below for tips to help.

Healthy eating tips for the holidays

Warm up with a bowl of soup!

Make a healthy smoothie

Get your plate in shape

Drink plenty of fluids. Staying on top of hydration is just as important in the cooler months as the warmer months. Click here for tips.

Stay safe from COVID-19. While it may be tempting to let your guard down for the holiday season, cases are increasing around the world. It is important to continue following COVID-19 prevention guidelines. Click here to read our refresher.